For the average person, being stuck at home is probably going one of two ways. You are either bored out of your mind and totally out of things to do or you are completely overworked between telework, teaching your kids, feeding your family, etc. Regardless of which type of person you are right now, you are likely hungry for a way to bring a little touch of the outside world into your home. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Frederick right from the comfort of your living room! 

Delaplaine Center for the Arts Stacked Boxes

Enjoy Art

The Delaplaine Center for the Arts has made some of their impressions galleries and exhibitions virtual. Right now you can enjoy the local All-County Student Art Show from your cell phone or tablet. You will be amazed by what these talented teenagers have created. If you are itching to create your own masterpiece, tune in to the Delaplaine's Youtube channel for tutorials led by local artists. This week artist Gemma Black showed us how to make our own keepsake origami box!

National Museum of Civil War Medicine exhibit

Enjoy History

Staff at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine have been hard at work creating ways to share their knowledge, artifacts, and stories online. If you've ever been curious about the medicine and healing during the Civil War, the museum's remote learning resources are a wealth of interesting information. You can explore digital exhibits, listen to relevant podcasts, and take a virtual tour. 

Savage Soaps Bar

Enjoy Local Products

There are a variety of unique Frederick shops that offer online ordering and/or local delivery. You can order a locally made scented bar of soap from Savage Soaps to better enjoy a long bath. Local fun shop Retro Metro will let you shop the store using Facetime and will ship your favorite things to you or deliver if you live within 5 miles. Amazon may be sold out of puzzles, but Retro Metro and Dancing Bear both have them in stock!

Gourmet soft pretzels from Pretzel & Pizza Creations

Enjoy Local Food

If you are reading this from Frederick, you can bring the culinary scene into your house very easily with a delivery order! Gourmet soft pretzels from Pretzel & Pizza Creations, fresh quiches from Up On Market, and Paddy Meals, the Bushwallers adult equivalent to the Happy Meal can all be sent to your doorstep. Check our travel advisory page to see more restaurants offering delivery and our dining deals page for discounts.

Mcclintock Distillery Bottles of Whiskey, Vodka & Gin

Enjoy Local Drinks

Many of Frederick's wineries, breweries, and distilleries are also offering delivery. Find a cocktail recipe and give McClintock Distilling a call, they will deliver their spirits up to 30 miles away! If you're a beer drinker, Idiom Brewing will bring you local craft brews. Wine lovers can choose from a wide variety of options with Spin The Bottle.

Wine Kitchen Food Tour with Bread and Cinnamon Rolls

Enjoy Planning and Dreaming

Sometimes the anticipation of a trip is just as much fun as the trip itself! This is a great time to start planning your next visit. Order a gift card online to your favorite shop or restaurant, see how many things you need to complete to win Frederick Bingo, or map out the Frederick Driving Scavenger Hunt. You might not be able to get started completing these today, but you can certainly look forward to it in the future!