The most remembered and appreciated gifts are unique, thoughtful, and often something the recipient didn’t know they needed. What better place to find a one of a kind item than Downtown Frederick? Check out our top ten places to find a unique gift!

Kitchenware at the Retro Metro in Frederick, MD

Retro Metro

Find Gifts For: Lovers of decades gone by

Retro Metro is the perfect place to pick up a nostalgic, vintage, or politically incorrect gift. You never know what you'll find here, but once you find it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! 

How To Shop: In person, online, curbside pickup, delivered

Books and book bags at the Curious Iguana

Curious Iguana

Find Gifts For: Bookworms

Curious Iguana is home to a diverse collection of reading material and all the accessories you need to go along with it.

How To Shop: In person, online

Woman filling a bottle of olive oil from Oil & Vinegar

Lebherz Oil & Vinegar

Find Gifts For: Home chefs

Lebherz Oil & Vinegar offers over 60 varieties of, you guessed it, oil and vinegar! The best part of visiting this shop is that staff can work directly with you to figure out what flavors will be your favorite.

How To Shop: Visit the walk up window, online, curbside pickup, delivered

Baby items and toddler toys at Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear

Find Gifts For: Kids

Dancing Bear offers a wide variety of battery free toys for kids of all ages. Encourage the children in your life to put down the iPad with a gift from this shop.

How To Shop: In person, online, curbside pickup

Holiday sweater and jackets from the Velvet Lounge

Velvet Lounge

Find Gifts For: Fashionistas

Velvet Lounge is the perfect place to pick up that perfect pair of jeans or cute new pair of shoes. The staff here is so attentive, they have been known to pay customers’ parking meters!

How To Shop: In person

Various products from Creme De La Creme

Crème de la Crème

Find Gifts For: Anyone who thinks Paris is always a good idea

Crème de la Crème specializes in home décor with French and Italian influence. Anyone who loves European style will be impressed with the selection in this shop!

How To Shop: In person, online

Woman wearing a mask holding a tiny pink house at The Muse

The Muse

Find Gifts For: Those who appreciate a local touch

The Muse features handmade and locally created gifts and accessories. This means that not only are you supporting a small business, you are supporting a community of artists!

How To Shop: In person, online

Backpacks hanging up at the Trail House

The Trail House

Find Gifts For: Your favorite outdoor enthusiast 

Are more of your friends going camping than ever before? Acknowledge the new hiking "expert" in your life with gear from this shop.

How To Shop: In person, online, curbside pickup

Tea kettles, pots, saucers and cups at Voila


Find Gifts For: Your favorite tea enthusiast 

Voila will catch your eye from the street with its adorable selection of unique tea pots and mugs. What you might not see until you step inside is the literally hundreds of tea varieties that are sold here.

How To Shop: At walk up window

Vintage soda bottles and candy at The Pop ShopNorth Market Pop Shop

Find Gifts For: That person that will get a kick out of bacon-flavored soda

The Pop Shop carries over 400 kinds of vintage bottled soda, so there really is a perfect flavor for everyone. Mix and match a 6 pack and pair it with some vintage candy.

How To Shop: At walk up window, in person, online