Looking for a way to make your Maryland wedding standout? When the passed appetizers are long gone and your guests' tummies are still rumbling, a "midnight munchie" might save your hungry hordes and make your wedding even more memorable! Pretzel and Pizza Creations, tucked in hip Frederick, Maryland, uses a hand blended flour recipe for soft pretzels and other treats to bring our restaurant to your wedding! As a funky “Pretzel Bar”, our Pretzel Attendants make the pretzels and other foods fresh to order and keep the party going -  in addition to free-flowing champagne and a killer band or DJ of course!

Pretzel Bar

A few weekends ago we were invited to serve pretzels at a wedding at Prosperity Manor, a beautiful rustic venue in Maryland with a beautiful backdrop of cornfields. The brides, Ginna & Cooper, couldn't have been nicer and their guests were funny & sweet! They also provided a beautiful cake and a fire pit with s'mores. They had their pretzel display specially built in Texas and brought here for the Pretzel Bar. They requested our butter & salt pretzels, chocolate chip bites, m&m bites and cinnamon sugar bites. I was on hand to serve the pretzels to order myself; I love weddings! On the opposite end, we've also served up the pretzels and late night pizza for a wedding we did at Volt restaurant in downtown Frederick. For that wedding, the wonderful couple threw tradition out the window entirely and requested a pizza "cake" instead! 

Bride and Groom with Pizza Cake

We have been in business a combined 30 years and love serving our cinnamon sugar or chocolate chip pretzels, mini pizzas or other items to wedding guests as they continue to groove and mingle. We find that nothing gets guests back on the dance floor like soft pretzels stuffed with m&ms, caramel and even  jalapeno & cheddar and pepperoni. Even plain butter & salt with classic yellow mustard is popular! We also offer dipping sauces like hot fudge, caramel and icing. 

Wedding Pizza

Setup and cleanup was a breeze so whether you’re planning a blowout or an intimate celebration, a Pretzel Bar is the fun and easy way to keep the party going and enjoy a twisty treat that is quintessentially Maryland. Ultimately, a “Pretzel Bar” is a fun way to inject local flavor - literally - into your Maryland wedding. 

Pizza Wedding Favors

Don’t let your guests run back to their hotel rooms and order stale pizza - let’s “tie the knot” and meet at the “pretzel bar” at your upcoming wedding!