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Jake Wynn

Jake Wynn is the Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for Visit Frederick. His passion is American history - something you can find in abundance in Frederick. 

Fun things to do in Brunswick, MD

The sound of distant train whistles shrieking through the mountains and the rumble of passing locomotives have long been part of the landscape in Brunswick, Maryland. Brunswick History Commission This lively little city on the Potomac River has experienced a revival in recent years, inspired by…

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Best Food From Around The World in Frederick, MD

Travelers to Frederick will quickly come to realize that this region loves its local restaurants. Ask any local and recent traveler to the region, and you’ll probably get a long list of favorite restaurants and places to find the best beer, cocktails, or wine in Frederick County. Among these…

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Experience the Tradition of Making Maple Syrup

Photo courtesy of Maryland Department of Natural Resources It’s no secret that Frederick is full of interesting history and unique traditions. Winter is on its way out and that means one of the oldest and most popular annual events, the Maple Syrup Festival in Thurmont, is about to begin. After a…

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Distilling It Down: Distilleries in Frederick County, MD

A growing number of micro-distilleries make their unique spirits right here in Frederick County, MD. Take a journey through the history of distilling in Frederick and the spirits you can find on a visit today. Swirl, sip, and savor the best of Maryland's spirits during the Spirits of Maryland:…

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Dog Friendly Frederick

Traveling with your dog can be an amazing experience and Frederick County is one of the most dog-friendly places around! For dogs who are in constant motion and for dogs who sleep 23 hours a day, there is a lot to love here. Pet-Friendly Parks Frederick County’s sprawling parks are great…

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Get Your Steps In - Frederick Runs and Walks

Frederick County’s mountainous landscape, quaint architecture, delectable gastronomy, and unique shopping keep visitors and locals excited about what’s next. In Frederick, we never run short on things to do! Sometimes the best way to fit more into your schedule is to combine the list. Below are…

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