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Flying Dog Film Series: Grosse Point Blank (1997)
  • May 25, 2022
  • Weinberg Center for the Arts
  • 20 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701
  • 301-600-2828
  • 7:30 PM
  • $7.00 per person
  • E-MAIL | VISIT WEBSITE | Get Tickets

    In this 1997 black comedy crime film directed by George Armitage, after assassin Martin Blank (John Cusack) has trouble focusing on his work, resulting in a failed assignment, he returns to his hometown, Grosse Point, Mich., for his 10-year high school reunion. There he meets Debi Newberry (Minnie Driver), an old girlfriend that he stood up for the prom. Martin’s secretary (Joan Cusack) sets up a hit for him while he is in town, but Martin starts to reconsider his life. Meanwhile, he is hounded by an unstable rival hit man, Grocer (Dan Aykroyd).

    Rated: R

    Runtime: 1 hr, 47 min

    Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime