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Flying Dog University Beer 401: The Science of Beer
  • April 29, 2017
  • Flying Dog Brewery
  • 4607 Wedgewood Blvd., Frederick, MD 21703
  • (301) 694-7899
  • 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • $

    Are you interested in learning more about the science of brewing beer? This course will focus on the fundamental impact of pH and water, bittering, and what chemically is causing specific flavors from the hops and other ingredients. This course will also cover the enzymatic pathway to the production of sugar and ultimately the alcohol and how to quantify the color or darkness of beer. If this sounds exciting, then you have found the right course. If this sounds intimidating, no worries, the course will discuss meaningful scientific principles, but in a way that will be accessible to all!