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One Vast Adventure
  • September 19, 2020
  • National Museum of Civil War Medicine
  • 20 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701
  • 301-695-1864
  • 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Ticketed Event - Price TBA(See event page at
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    Learn history by living it in Frederick on Saturday September 21 for a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience spanning the entirety of downtown.

    155 years ago, a Confederate army threatened to burn down Frederick if the city didn’t pay a $200,000 ransom.   Our ancestors saved the city, but do you have what it takes to make history?

    On Saturday September 19, history comes to life around you in One Vast Adventure – Frederick at War  a one-of-a-kind, entertainment experience!   Play games, scour the city for clues, and solve puzzles, all while investigating costumed characters throughout the immersive world of Civil War Frederick. Race to raise the ransom money in this 6 hour, city-wide adventure – will you be able to save Frederick from the flames?