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Hometown Harvest Kitchen - Restaurant Week
50 Citizen's Way #101
Frederick, MD 21701
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Dinner Menu

 Dinner - First Course: 

Gem Lettuce Salad - thai peanut dressing, pickled onion, crispy rice, mint, scallion, carrot

Beet Salad - roasted beets, feta, citrus, ginger hemp granola, greens

Devilled Eggs Squared - square poached eggs, pickled onions, chorizo spice

 Dinner - Second Course: 

Steak Frites - grilled hanger steak, beef glace, hand cut fries

Striped Bass - cauliflower cream, harissa oil, romesco, preserved lemon, sunchoke crumble

Sea Scallops - flavors of clam chowder, fingerling potato, parsley, sea beans

Winter Fried Chicken - molasses brined, citrus gastrique, bacon braised greens

Pork Chop Porterhouse - bone in pork chop, pomegranate molasses, sweet potato hash, green chili mole

 Dinner - Third Course: 

Signature Sundae - choose from Cookie Monster, S'Mores, or Peanut Butter Lovers

SMC Milkshake - choose your ice cream from one of our 24 flavors Double Scoop - two scoops of your choosing