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Otherworld OCR
8445 Spires Way, Suite Q
Frederick, MD 21701
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Otherworld OCR is an OCR-specific training gym, without the distraction of other influences. Operated by the most passionate coaches and credentialed athletes, our mission is to build a healthy community of no-limit individuals that challenge and overcome the obstacles in life. This indoor Obstacle Training gym has the “Wow” factor when people enter. This is where you can elevate your fitness level in the most playful way! Every obstacle is scalable and will challenge everyone, from the newest person to the most elite racer. They have the largest Platinum Rig under roof in the US! This, in addition to the Weaver, climbing ropes, Destroyer, Skull Valley, Stairway to Heaven, climbing wall (adjustable from 6+ feet to 9-foot 1 inch!), Wreck Bags, indoor hill, Hercules Hoists, and so much more, it opens the path to have pure sport specific training for Obstacle Course Racing. Add the weightlifting section to the progressive scalable training classes, and you have the most complete package available! They offer group training, personal coaching, open gym session, corporate team building, and all this is enhanced by league play competition you won’t find anywhere else in the US and a supportive community!