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Randall CAP INC.
200 E. Patrick St.
Frederick, MD 21701
Randall CAP is a family office, a management company, and a consulting business. It is primarily a family office that provides services for the Randall Family, through managing and coordinating the family’s charitable giving, financial and business assets, and real estate property. Randall CAP also provides high-level strategic management consulting, including due diligence services for acquisitions, advice for start-up and small businesses, executive coaching, leadership development, and risk management. It also provides value to small businesses by leveraging its valuable network of professional relationships. The company provides administrative back-office services such as accounting consulting and services, business legal advice, IT advice and consulting, and high level HR advice. Randall CAP has experience working with a diverse set of businesses and organizations, including Sales, Media, Manufacturing, Logistics, Real Estate, Government Contracting, and Nonprofits.