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City Hall

Frederick’s historic buildings are beautiful in any weather. Courthouse Square is home to various sculptures.

Brewers Alley

Frederick County is home to hundreds of restaurants and eateries, offering diners the freshest local ingredients, world-class cuisine and ambiance, Maryland-style fare, and international cuisine.

Holiday Shopping

Regardless of season, weather, or day of the week, shopping remains a steady and significant attraction in Frederick County.

Shab Row

Referred to as Shab Row, this quaint section of Everedy Square offers a unique shopping experience in beautifully renovated 19th century buildings.

Shopping in Downtown Frederick

Walking Tour

On one of Frederick County’s many walking tours you can see Frederick’s first Court House, City Hall. This Victorian style building was constructed in 1862, and has been described as “one of the prettiest courthouse squares in America.” In 1765, Frederick citizens assembled in the courtyard and burned effigies of government officials in demonstration of the Stamp Act.

Ayse Meze

Credit: Andrew Murdock

Brewer's Alley Rooftop Bar

Credit: Andrew Murdock


Credit: Andrew Murdock

Firestone's Culinary Tavern

Credit: Andrew Murdock

Glory Doughnuts

Credit: Andrew Murdock

Jojo's Restaurant and Taphouse

Credit: Andrew Murdock

McCutcheon's Factory Store

Credit: Andrew Murdock