African American Sites Walking Tour

This tour provides glimpses of more than two centuries of African American heritage in our area and presents a new opportunity to experience the past. Imagine the daily bustle of segregated businesses on All Saints Street. Hear the strains of smooth jazz tunes and harmonies of gospel hymns rising from churches and social halls all over the county, and be inspired by the amazing faith and fortitude of our African American forebears.

The census of 1860 listed 4,967 free Blacks in the county, of which 1,254 lived in Frederick City. Free Blacks made up one-fifth of Frederick City’s population. Many of these residents were laborers in the foundries, brick yards and tanneries, while others worked as skilled craftsman, such as blacksmiths, shoemakers, carpenters, butchers, and barbers. Most women labored as house servants for the wealthier families in town. A few free Blacks were entrepreneurs.