Surrounded by architecture that tells the story of vibrant history, Frederick provides its visitors with many distinctive locations to take the perfect photo. The natural beauty of parks and creeks is carried throughout the county, and much of it is located in Downtown Frederick. The area is filled with hidden gems that would make anyone want to stop scrolling through their Instagram feed.


A part of Carroll Creek runs through Baker Park and eventually becomes Carroll Creek Linear Park, and along its path unique bridges connect visitors from one side of the creek to the other. In Baker Park, the Carroll Creek Covered Bridge adds a piece of history to your feed and stands out with its lively red color. The covered bridge is surrounded by beautiful trees and features small windows along either side, providing visitors with a wide number of options for capturing the perfect photo-op. Further down the creek, near the Delaplaine Arts Center, the Iron Bridge Railing is not only a bridge but also a work of art. The detailed work of the bridge brings touches of the surrounding nature through and creates a one-of-a-kind photo location.  

Angel Mural   

Community Bridge Mural

Community Bridge mural

The Community Bridge mural is in Carroll Creek Linear Park near the Delaplaine Arts Center. What sets this apart from the other photogenic bridges around Frederick is that it is best viewed by walking under the bridge to find the many subtle images painted throughout. Over 100 volunteers shared their ideas representing “the spirit of community” to create the mural. The most Instagram-worthy spots are located on the side of the bridge closest to the Delaplaine’s entrance. An optical illusion is painted on the wall –it appears distorted unless you are standing right at the corner of the bridge. Standing at this corner will allow your photo to come to life as the angel appears to come out from the frame. On the opposite side of the creek, there is a painting that looks as if it were a statue and serves as a great location for additional people to gather for a great photo moment.     

Edge of Gravity

Edge of Gravity

The Edge of Gravity mural

This mural is a classic place to pose for a photo among Frederick locals. It is very popular to pose next to the mural with arms stretched out to mimic the painted man’s pose, or you can get creative with your Instagrammable moment. The mural is located at 50 Citizens Way, right off Market St.—a destination that visitors can easily find to snap a quick photo before returning to the many great restaurants and shops along Market Street.

North of Fourth

North of Fourth

North of Fourth mosaic

On one side of this mural there is a sunshine surrounded by swirling blue colors and on the other side, a crescent moon adorned with a yellow twisting pattern. The mural is located at 613 N. Market St., between 6th and 7th Streets. Show off your sunny personality with a selfie in front of the sunshine side of the mural or show friends that you are a night owl with a photo by the moon mosaic. The bright mosaic colors will be sure to stop others from scrolling to admire the whimsical beauty of this Instagrammable location.



Taking a photo in one of the alleys in Frederick is like having your own personal street in Frederick. Although there is not heavy traffic through these alleys, it is important to remember the alleys in Frederick are active so be safe and watch for cars while capturing the perfect Instagram photo. I recommend using Maxwell Ave. because there is a designated pedestrian pathway to separate you from motorists. Sections of this street that intersect with E Church St. and E Patrick St. allow a glimpse of a few of the infamous spires in the background of your perfect photo.

Splash of Color

Splash of Color mural

This lively mural is filled with Maryland’s florals and birds including the state flower, the Black Eyed Susan, and baby blue herons that can be spotted around the state. The cheerful colors paired with the movement of the birds soaring through the mural create the ultimate Instagram photo background. The mural is located at the corner of S Market St. and E South St.

If you’re looking for a scroll-stopping photo to add to your Instagram, Frederick has many places to choose from for scenic backdrops.