Civil War History in Frederick, MD

Frederick County, Maryland was at the crossroads of the American Civil War. Throughout the conflict, armies marched through the region and several major battles occurred in the Frederick area. In 1862, US and Confederate armies clashed during the Battle of South Mountain, a Union victory that set the stage for the Battle of Antietam.

The United States Army marched through Frederick on its way to victory at Gettysburg in July 1863. A year later, another Confederate invasion came to Frederick, resulting in the Battle of Monocacy on July 9, 1864. In the aftermath of battle, many locations in Frederick County became military hospitals. Learn more about how the Civil War shaped the history of medicine at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. 

Today, you can follow in the soldiers' footsteps along multiple Maryland Civil War Trail driving tours, seeing many of the same places, landmarks, and communities that played major roles in the conflict. 

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Visiting Gettysburg National Military Park?

Discover the full story of the Gettysburg Campaign by visiting Civil War history sites in Frederick, Maryland. Learn about the Catholic nuns who served as nurses after the Battle of Gettysburg at the National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Anne Seton in Emmitsburg. 

Explore the medical innovations during and after Gettysburg at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Downtown Frederick. 

Visit the sites where the Union Army marched to and from the Battle of Gettysburg by using the Gettysburg Campaign Civil War Trails map. 

Refuel during your history explorations at the delicious restaurants you'll find in the City of Frederick's historic district. You'll be dining in buildings dating back to the Civil War era in a city that played a crucial role during that important time period.