Media Policy

Visit Frederick is happy to assist qualified media in developing travel stories about Frederick County and its attractions, accommodations, restaurants and travel-related businesses.

The following guidelines apply to all media working with Visit Frederick. If you still have questions after reading these guidelines, please contact Jake Wynn. 

1. All media will be asked to fill out an application. Media will be asked to sign an agreement outlining what will be provided by Visit Frederick and what media coverage will be given. If media are requesting only an itinerary with no complimentary experiences, an agreement may not be necessary.  

2. Visit Frederick will not provide transportation to and from Frederick County. Compensation/reimbursement for travel to and from the destination will also not be provided. While in Frederick, transportation may be provided if needed. Visit Frederick will not reimburse media for gas, even when in Frederick County.

3. Complimentary accommodations will include room, tax, and associated fees only. This does not include any incidentals (i.e. phone charges, non-complimentary WIFI, room service, in-room moves, parking, valet, tips, etc.).

4. Any offer of assistance is extended to working media only; Visit Frederick will not provide assistance if the primary purpose of your trip is for leisure or holiday travel with your friends and/or family. Visit Frederick also will not cover expenses for spouses, children, or travelling companions of any kind. If you are participating in an organized group press trip, no travel companions will be permitted. If you are visiting independently, you may bring a travel companion at your own expense. 

5. As a matter of courtesy, Visit Frederick requests that all media please send at least one copy of any article(s) or program(s) generated as a result of the visit. Details about circulation, reach, audience and ad rates are appreciated as well.