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Frederick History Bicycle Loop

Frederick History Bicycle Loop

Biking through the City of Frederick will include structures, character sketches, and stories representative of the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. The tour will traverse a vibrant Maryland Main Street Community. Ride along the town creek, today heralded as a miraculous flood control project that has grown into an economic boom and artistic masterpiece. The trip will explore the city’s 50-block historic district and stop in the cemetery that is the final resting place of the man who wrote our country’s national anthem.

All this and more compacted into our casual 10 mile bike ride. Allow at least two hours for the ride; or better yet, spend the entire day visiting the historic sites and museums on the ride through the historic section of the “City of the Clustered Spires”.

Download the Frederick History Bicycle Loop Brochure (pdf)