Visit Frederick (Tourism Council of Frederick County, Inc.)
151 S. East Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Local Tourism Information: 301-600-4047
Toll Free Tourism Information: 800-999-3613
Fax: 301-600-4044

Visit Frederick is dedicated to enhancing the local tourism industry. Our staff is available to answer specific questions concerning your visit, group tours, and more. Feel free to call us with any question may you have. 

Dave Ziedelis standing by the Welcome message at the Frederick Visitor Center

Dave Ziedelis Executive Director

Becky Bickerton

Becky Bickerton Assistant Director

Katie Reichard Staff Photo

Katie Reichard Operations Director

Jake Wynn

Jake Wynn Marketing and Communications Manager

John Lustrea

John Lustrea Visitor Services Manager

Melissa Walker

Melissa Walker Destination Sales Manager