Travelers to Frederick will quickly come to realize that this region loves its local restaurants. Ask any local and recent traveler to the region, and you’ll probably get a long list of favorite restaurants and places to find the best beer, cocktails, or wine in Frederick County. 

Lady holding fresh pizza

Among these beloved gathering places, you’ll find restaurateurs serving up delicious fare from across the globe. Frederick, like much of the region around Baltimore and Washington, is a meeting place where cultures, languages, and food from around the world can be found everywhere you turn. 

So we’ve endeavored to put a little guide together for the visitor (or local) to Frederick who is looking for a taste of the world on their visit to this hip and historic community in the heart of Maryland. 

Cuba - Sabor de Cuba 

Sabor de Cuba crashes the Frederick dining scene with aromas and flavors that evoke the rich culinary heritage of Cuba. - Located in Downtown Frederick 


A chef preparing a plate at Sabor De CubaTraditional Cuban fare is always served up fresh at Sabor de Cuba (Turner Photography)

Greece - Aleko’s Village Cafe 

An authentic Greek restaurant with roots dating back more than 60 years ago when Alekos Kontos emigrated to the United States from Greece and started restaurants in the DC area. His family continues his legacy in Middletown. - Located in Middletown 

India - Clay Oven 

Tucked away in the Golden Mile neighborhood of Frederick, Clay Oven serves up modern interpretations of traditional Indian cuisine. - Located in the Golden Mile neighborhood of Frederick 

Ireland - Bushwaller’s 

A Frederick institution for more than 35 years, Bushwaller’s dishes out Irish and American staples. - Located in Downtown Frederick 


Beer being poured at Bushwaller's A glass of Guinness goes well with the traditional fare at Bushwaller's (Visit Frederick) 

Italy - Il Porto, Pistarro’s, Fratelli’s 

Delicious Italian food can be found throughout Frederick County - from historic buildings in Downtown Frederick to Middletown and many other locales. - Located in various locations across Frederick County 


Three dishes from Il Porto Il Porto in Downtown Frederick serves up traditional Italian favorites (Brodie Ledford)

Jamaica - Jerk N’ Jive

Jerk ‘N Jive Caribbean Kitchen is a family-owned and operated Caribbean Style restaurant known for its traditional Jamaican menu items. - Located on East Street in Frederick 

Japan - Lazy Fish and Simply Asia 

Lazy Fish uses the freshest ingredients, bringing a fusion-swing as well as sushi to East Patrick Street in Downtown Frederick. - Located in Downtown Frederick

Want delicious sushi without heading into the heart of downtown? Try Simply Asia in Thurmont for pan-Asian fare, including delicious rolls. - Located in Thurmont

Korea - H-Mart and Hungry Seouls

A grocery store on the list of restaurants? Why, yes! H-Mart on the Golden Mile brings an Asian grocery store to the community while also serving up incredible Korean fare. - Located in the Golden Mile neighborhood of Frederick 

Hungry Seouls is a recent addition to the culinary scene in Frederick. Utilizing the facilities at The Cook’s Kitchen, a shared kitchen space on East Church Street, this carry-out pop-up offers Korean food on Fridays and Saturdays (pre-ordering is encouraged). - Frederick

Mexico - Cacique, La PazAgave 137, Cafe Bueno

Frederick County has no shortage of excellent Mexican fare - try one of these delicious options: Cacique, Casa Rico, Agave 137, La Paz, Cafe Bueno - Located in various locations across Frederick County 


Tacos at Agave 137Tacos at Agave 137 in Downtown Frederick (@MichaelMasonStudios)

Peru - Mayta’s 

Mayta’s specializes in Peruvian fare and can be found on Buckeystown Pike just south of Downtown Frederick. You can also find their food truck at various locations around the County. - Located in the Westview Shopping Complex near Frederick

Spain - Isabella’s 

Looking for delicious Spanish tapas? Isabella’s is your destination right on Market Street in Downtown Frederick. - Located in Downtown Frederick 


Paella from Isabella's in Downtown FrederickPaella is also among the Spanish favorites at Isabella's (Visit Frederick) 

Thailand - Sumittra 

A part of the Downtown Frederick community since 2011, Sumittra serves authentic Thai and fusion food crafted at this family-run business with deep connections back to Thailand. - Located in Downtown Frederick 


Curry at Sumittra in Downtown FrederickExplore the rich flavors of Thailand at Sumittra in Downtown Frederick (@MichaelMasonStudios) 

Venezuela - Arepa Queen 

Frederick’s food truck scene has exploded in recent years and Arepa Queen is among the best. This restaurant serves incredible Venezuelan street food and their namesake - arepas - that you just need to try and you'll be coming back for more. - Located in the Westview Shopping Complex near Frederick 

Vietnam - Lucky Corner

In desperate need of a bowl of pho? Lucky Corner in Westview is the go-to place for Vietnamese food in the Frederick area. - Located in the Westview Shopping Complex near Frederick

Western and Central Africa - Motherland Kitchen 

Located on Route 15 in northern Frederick County, Motherland Kitchen takes inspiration from a variety of Western and Central African cuisines. - Located in northern Frederick County 

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