Ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes at the Frederick Visitor Center? Long time employee Dave shares his experience!

It has been close to 4 years since I began my employment at the Frederick Visitor Center. It has been a truly great experience working in a remarkable facility along with the interactions I have had with staff and visitors.

As the facility turns 10 years old this year, it is an understatement to say this resource is such a plus for the county and city. You can find information on Frederick’s rich history, area stores and shops, wineries, breweries, and distilleries among a variety of other information items.

Being a history buff, knowing that you are in a facility that was constructed in the 1890s and was an integral part of the area's commerce during that period is pretty cool. Prior to the current building, a shop that made wooden spokes for wagon wheels was on the site and then the current building was constructed as a warehouse for the canneries in the area including the Monocacy Valley Canning Company. Within the walls of this great facility, you will also find a variety of information on the history of the area from the French and Indian War through the Civil War up to the near history of today.

It not just about history at the Visitors Center. You’ll find information on our shops both in the downtown historic district and throughout Frederick County. Along with shops, there is a variety of information on other businesses. Some of the most popular businesses among our visitors are the wineries, breweries and distilleries found both in Frederick City and County.

Outdoor recreation in a very important part of the fabric of our area and the Visitor Center provides information on these entities as well. From our city parks like Baker Park to Catoctin Mountain National Park all the information you need is found here at our Visitor Center.

Now to help tie all this great information together we do have a theater at the Visitor Center. You will find running on a continuous loop at the theatre a movie called “A Turn of the Wheel." This short 14 minute film ties together, very well, all this information on Frederick City and County.

The real fun at the center has been my interactions with staff and visitors. We have visitors from around the world and all 50 states, in fact, we have around 25,000 folks who visit the center on a yearly basis. It is always nice to see a smile when you give them some interesting material on the county and city. And if they happen to stop back in the Center after their venture and give you a thumbs up, it is good to know they enjoyed themselves. Finally, working with other staff to help further tourism here in the City and County has been a blast!

Visitor Center Desk