The North Market Pop Shop is a great shopping spot year round, but their holiday flavors are especially fun. Read along with this twist on a classic Christmas story for some of the top ice cream and soda pairings the shop has to offer!

‘Twas the holiday season & all through the shop
People pondered which ice cream to pair with their pop
But with so many sodas—400 in fact—
It can be hard to decide on the perfect snack.


So we compiled a list we’re excited to share
To brighten and spice up your holiday fare
Creamy & dreamy, festive and sweet
Let the Pop Shop guide you to your next favorite treat!

Gooey Butter Cake Soda bottle from North Market Pop Shop

There’s nothing more classic than coffee & cake
It’s the pep in your step, the whip on your shake
So if the holiday bustle makes your stamina slip
Pair Gooey Butter Cake soda with Mocha Chip

Holiday Jingle Juice and Elf Elixer soda bottles at North Market Pop Shop

If you dig juicy sodas with big fruity taste
Add Raspberry ice cream to this seasonal great
It sure packs a punch on which you will dote
And love even more in a Jingle Juice float


Elf Elixir, also, deserves lip-smacking love
For boosting Strawberry ice cream when poured from above
Lemon, lime, & berries abound!
Could this be a new holiday favorite you’ve found?

Genuine Hank's Seasonal Carmel Apple Cream Soda bottle at North Market Pop Shop

It’s an age-old question, not breaking news:
Between apple & pumpkin, which do you choose?
Both, we declare, and offer our thanks
For Pumpkin ice cream in Caramel Apple soda from Hanks.

Reading Draft Cream Raspberry soda bottle from North Market Pop Shop

Cheesecake might not be holiday staple
But we’re all for experimentation when able
Toss caution aside & add this Cran-Raspberry pop
To Blueberry Cheesecake for a delectable shock

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer soda bottle from North Market Pop Shop

Help us obliviate the somber & tragic 
With a Butterbeer float frothing with magic
Once mixed with salted caramel, nothing else will do
It just goes to show: the float chooses you!

That’s just a few, we have lots more to offer
Don’t stand on ceremony, no need to be proper
Order at the window or enter the shop
Happy Holidays to all, & to all a good pop!

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