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Beatty Cramer House
9010 Liberty Rd.
Frederick, MD 21701
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The Beatty-Cramer House is currently unavailable for tours. The site is open for special events and by appointment by calling 301/668-2086 or 301/668-6088. View exterior only.

This c.1732 Frederick County, Maryland site features an unusual timber-frame and brick building with an interesting variety of early architectural construction techniques and details, an 18th century springhouse, and a smokehouse. The site holds Historic American Building Survey (HABS) status and is protected by a Maryland Historical Trust Deed of Easement.  Frederick County Landmarks Foundation is the proud owner of one of the most architecturally unique, and oldest known, standing buildings in Frederick County, MD. Located in the Mt. Pleasant District of Frederick County, the Beatty-Cramer House site is home to three structures. The primary building is a combination of the c.1748 Beatty portion of the house, the c.1855 Cramer addition, and later renovations. The two outbuildings are an 18th century spring house and a 19th century smoke house. It is one of the six most important historical houses in Maryland, according to the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT). In 1987, Orlando Ridout V, Chief of the Office of Survey and Registration for MHT, stated, “I cannot think of any other building that combines so many uncommon features in one place.”

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