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Centennial Memorial United Methodist Church
8 W. 2nd St.
Frederick, MD 21701
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Founded in 1873 on East Third Street, the present sanctuary was built in 1900. The congregation took the name “Centennial Memorial” as part of the celebration of the founding of the United Brethren In Christ denomination in 1800, on Rocky Springs Road. The Church is distinguished by its Victorian Gothic design, Möller organ and stained glass windows. The Congregation became United Methodist due to the merger in 1968. 2000 was the 100th anniversary of present buildings.

Seasonal Organ Music (4PM–5PM)

Seasonal Piano Music (5PM–6PM)

Christmas Music (6PM–6:30PM)

One God One Voice Choir (6:30PM–7:15PM)

Christmas Music (7:15PM–7:45PM)

Catoctones, seasonal Christmas repertoire followed by Christmas Carol Sing-a-Long (7:45PM–8:30PM)

Christmas Music (8:30PM–9PM)