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Goat for the Soul
10209 Fountain School Rd.
Union Bridge, MD 21791
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Goat Yoga (the fusion between yoga and animal therapy) is a thing, and it is in the beautiful foothills of Frederick Maryland!

Join us at the farm or at an area venue.  We have partnered with local breweries, vineyards, wineries, distilleries, and a creamery; experience goat yoga then enjoy tastings of your favorite libations or ice cream.

What is goat yoga………

From beginners to experts, all enjoy practicing yoga with goats as their exercise buddies.  Goat Yoga combines the benefits of yoga with animal therapy.  Different than a studio environment, goat yoga is more relaxed and casual yet still provides a good work-out for the experienced yoga enthusiast.  No one will be offended if you stop to cuddle or play with a goat; after all, that is part of the experience!  In fact, some folks completely abandon the yoga aspect and spend their time playing with a goat.....great animal therapy! The class is conducted in a fenced area; during class, the goats roam freely and do their own thing: some want to be petted, some want to lie down next to you and nap, some want to sit in your lap, others just want to stand beside you. 

If you want to initiate your parasympathetic nervous system, (which shuts down the stress response by lowering cortisol--the stress hormone), lower your blood pressure, lower your heart rate and increase oxytocin and endorphins (happy hormones)......try Goat Yoga!

Celebrate Special Occasions with Goat Yoga! Perfect for birthdays, "Girls" day, or the start of the Bachelorette celebration. Private sessions are also offered. Click on the "Special Occasions" tab for more information. Gift Certificates are available!

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