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Myersville-Wolfsville Area Historical Society

Myersville, MD
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Preserving the heritage of Myersville, Wolfsville, and the historic surrounding communities since 2015. The group agreed that its aims are to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the region, protect the historic buildings and landmarks in the towns and countryside, and educate future generations about the historical legacy of this beautiful valley. At one time in the not-too-distant past, the north valley was dotted with small towns and villages with their own stores, post offices, churches, and schools. Today, our communities are consolidated in one postal zone and stores and elementary schools are located in our two largest communities (Myersville and Wolfsville). But our small communities retain their uniqueness through community churches, original farmhouses and home places, historical landmarks, and breathtakingly bucolic scenery. For the Myersville-Wolfsville Area Historical Society to grow, we need the ideas and assistance of interested participants. Please consider joining us in this pioneering effort to ensure the preservation of our 300-year-old heritage. To contribute historic images or documents, to tell your family's story, or to volunteer, please contact us.
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