Frederick County, Maryland, is a paradise for ice cream lovers, boasting an array of unique spots that offer everything from farm-fresh scoops to delightful sundaes.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, indulging in the frosty delights found across the county is a must. Here’s your guide to the sweetest ice cream havens in Frederick County.


Fresh ice cream on the farm at South Mountain Creamery


1. South Mountain Creamery

As part of Maryland’s Ice Cream Trail, South Mountain Creamery is not just a place to grab a cone; it's an experience. Visitors can enjoy farm-fresh ice cream before feeding baby cows. Their ice cream is made with milk straight from their own dairy cows, offering flavors that change with the seasons. You’ll also find their flavors at the South Mountain Creamery Ice Cream Shop in Downtown Frederick.




2. Rocky Point Creamery 

Another gem on the Maryland Ice Cream Trail, Rocky Point Creamery in Point of Rocks offers over 20 flavors of ice cream made on-site. Located in a picturesque setting near the Potomac River and C&O Canal Towpath, it’s a perfect spot for enjoying a scoop.


Rocky Point Ice Cream Cone


3. Frederick Fudge & Ice Cream

This classic spot in Downtown Frederick is famous for its rich homemade fudge and a variety of ice cream flavors that promise to satisfy your sweet tooth. It's a great place to pick up a dessert after a meal at one of the nearby restaurants.




4. Pretzel and Pizza Creations 

In the heart of Downtown Frederick, this unique eatery combines two comfort foods into one stop. After enjoying their savory pretzels and pizzas, treat yourself to a big scoop of ice cream for your stroll around the historic district.




5. North Market Pop Shop 

Known for its nostalgic atmosphere, the North Market Pop Shop offers a dizzying array of bottled sodas and delicious, creamy ice cream. With vintage decor and classic flavors, this shop is a throwback to the soda pop and ice cream parlors of yesteryears.




6. Hoffman Brothers

Just a stroll away from Carroll Creek Park, Hoffman Brothers stands out with their handcrafted ice cream selections. It’s a perfect spot to cool off during a summer shopping day in Downtown Frederick. You can count their teenage owner as among the youngest business owners in the city.


Hoffman Brothers Ice Cream


7. Gateway Candyland 

Located on the outskirts of Thurmont, Gateway Candyland is not only a candy store but also an ice cream haven. They offer an assortment of ice cream flavors alongside their famous homemade candies and chocolates.




8. Happy Cow Creamery at Grand View Acres Farm

Venturing a bit off the beaten path to the hills and farms of eastern Frederick County will lead you to Happy Cow Creamery at Grand View Acres Farm, where ice cream treats are crafted with local dairy. It’s a favorite local secret for fresh, creamy delights.


Happy Cow Creamery


Frederick County's ice cream scene is a blend of traditional, quirky, and unique offerings that make it a must-visit destination for ice cream aficionados.

So next time you're in Frederick County, follow this guide to frozen treats for a truly delightful experience!


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