Freshly squeezed mimosas, eggs straight from the farm, and an atmosphere so pleasant you’ll never want to go home are what Sundays in Frederick are all about. Relax and take it slow with a leisurely taste of one of Frederick’s most sought after meals at one of the top 10 places to have brunch!

Firestone's Culinary Tavern

Firestones Charcuterie with meats, cheese, and fruit

Brunch Hours: Sunday 10:00-1:00

Must Try: Monte Cristo - Smoked turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, battered challah loaf, maple syrup

Isabella's Tavern and Tapas Bar

Patrons dining and ordering at Isabella's

Brunch Hours: Saturday and Sunday 8:00-3:00

Must Try: Chorizo Benedict - Two poached eggs with chorizo, toasted english muffin, saffron hollandaise

Dutch's Daughter

Brunch Hours: Sunday 10:00-2:00

Must Try: Crab Omelet

Family Meal

Family Meal French Toast

Brunch Hours: Saturday and Sunday 7:00-11:00

Must Try: Breakfast Burger - Burger served with a fried egg, classic american cheese, and bacon

Ayse Meze

Waiter serving at Ayse Meze

Brunch Hours: Sunday 10:30-2:30

Must Try: Hummus Buffet Bar - Accompanied by a variety of crisp garden vegetables and house-made pita chips

The Main Cup

Brunch Hours: Sunday 9:00-1:00

Must Try: Sunrise Pizza - Scrambled eggs, mozzarella, cheddar, bacon and sausage


The Farmers Pig Dish (pork tenderloin, BBQ pulled pork, bacon, crispy onions and blue cheese grits) at Vintage

Brunch Hours: Sunday 10:00-3:00

Must Try: Vintage Dippers - Pancake battered maple sausage links served with Cheddar scrambled eggs, syrup, and powdered sugar

The Wine Kitchen

Bartender pouring wine for patron at The Wine Kitchen

Brunch Hours: Sunday 11:00-1:00

Must Try: Sea Biscuit - Lobster biscuit with scrambled eggs, pork belly, and lobster hollandaise

Jojo's Restaurant & Tap House

Dessert at Jojo's Restaurant & Tap House

Brunch Hours: Sunday 11:00-4:00

Must Try: Italian Breakfast Pasta - Pappardelle pasta, bacon, garlic, tomatoes, scrambled egg, cheese, grilled garlic bread

Bonus: Volt

Diners at Volt Downtown Frederick

Brunch Hours: Saturday and Sunday 11:00-2:00

Must Try: Potato Hash - Short rib, salsa roja, fried egg