Is there anything more fun than a day off in the middle of the summer? If you answered no, absolutely not, or how can you even ask that question, you are probably a big fan of Independence Day! With Frederick's rich history and wide range of attractions, there is no better place to celebrate the Fourth of July. Here is our list of distinctly patriotic ways to spend your holiday!

Francis Scott Key Monument

Francis Scott Key Memorial

Celebrate your love for our national anthem by paying tribute to its author. Downtown Frederick’s largest cemetery is home to over 40,000 gravesites and even more incredible stories. Perhaps the best known resting place in Mount Olivet is that of Francis Scott Key. Just within the gates of the site stands a monument to the Star-Spangled Banner author. Key penned the lyrics, written as a poem at the time, from aboard a ship during the naval bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore. His monument stands tall as a tribute to his great contribution to our nation.

Frederick Keys crowd watching the baseball game

Frederick Keys Game

Celebrate with a classic American sport starting at 6pm as the Keys take on Williamsport! Grab your peanuts and Cracker Jack (and a local beer while you're at it), cheer on the home team, and finish your night nice and late.

Little girl feeding a calf at the South Mountain Creamery

Scenic Drive

If you are a big fan of roadtrips this is a great time to check out America's first highway, the Historic National Road (including MD 144 & US 40/ 40 Alt). Dating back to 1811, this road was a crucial portion of the westward movement for many families. There are a variety of fun stops along the route including a fascinating museum and a delicious creamery.

Washington Monument Sign

The Original Washington Monument

Surely you've heard of the symbol of Washington, DC but did you know that an even older version exists in Frederick? The beautifully manicured trail leading from the visitor center to the site is short, and not as rigorous compared to the two-mile march up the mountain that citizens took to create the attraction years ago. Like the monument in DC, visitors who reach the top of the monument are rewarded with an incredible view.