25 Days of Frederick

Celebrate Local This Holiday Season

Keeping the tradition of sharing this special time of year together as a Frederick community is more important than ever. And so, we’ve made a list of 25 challenges and adventures for Frederick to take part in together this holiday season!

See how much holiday cheer you can help spread from afar – no need to do them in order!

1. Grab a holiday drink from a local coffee shop or craft beverage spot.

2. Add something local into your holiday decorations.

3. Support local artists and makers by shopping at a holiday market.

4. Attend a community concert or performance.

5. Send a locally-made greeting card to a neighbor or friend.

6. Order a gift online from a Frederick-based business.

7. Enjoy take-out from a restaurant you’ve never been to before on the Golden Mile.

8. Cheer on the participants of the Kris Kringle Procession (Dec. 8).

9. Donate (no gift is too small!) to your favorite Frederick-based non-profit.

10. Gather supplies from a local shop to tackle a DIY holiday project.

11. Crack open a book from a local bookstore or library.

12. Give a glowing review online to your favorite Frederick business.

13. Stroll along downtown’s Sailing Through the Winter Solstice & Light Walk displays.

14. Brighten someone’s day with a random act of kindness.

15. Ask a local shopkeeper for advice on a hard-to-shop-for holiday gift.

16. Check out the Weinberg’s new marquee (and enjoy a show while you’re there!)

17. Phone a senior in your neighborhood to see if they need anything.

18. Join in the Caroling in the Village at Worman’s Mill (Dec. 18)

19. Leave a special tip for a server at your favorite local restaurant.

20. Take in a peaceful moment at a city park you’ve never been to before.

21. Host family or friends & ask each to share their favorite thing about Frederick.

22. Wear something festive that you purchased in Frederick.

23. Take advantage of the free weekend parking (Thanksgiving – New Years) in The City of Frederick for some last-minute shopping.

24. Drive through Frederick’s neighborhoods to enjoy the lights and decorations.

25. Post your favorite image from Frederick during the holidays - #25DaysofFrederick


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